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Estabished in 2015, JET express is the pioneer in technology driven courier and delivery services across Indonesia. Providing online and mobile app based pick ups, package tracking and SMS notification on delivery.

Top 10 Tips in Setting Up Your Online Shop in Indonesia

Check out the top 10 tips on successfully Setting Up an Online Shop in Indonesia.

  1. Know your market

    Top 10 Tips Online Shop - 1 Know Your Market
    First things first, you need to identify and fulfil an existing demand among your target market. Conduct your market research by speaking to your target customers and look at your competitors; what are they doing right and wrong? How can you be better than them? Is it product choice, price, customer service or a completely new product?

  2. Determine what you are going to sell

    Top 10 Tips Online Shop - 2 What To Sell
    Develop your solution to fulfilling that need by incorporating it into your product or product selection. Will you produce your own or resell other brands’ products? Also, will your online shop catalogue offer single or multiple brands and product categories, e.g. food and fashion products?

  3. Promote your new online shop

    Top 10 Tips Online Shop - 3 Promote
    Adjust your promotions to suit your budget; post in social media and messaging apps to build word of mouth among your friends and followers to begin with. Prepare to ask for testimonies from satisfied customers. Also begin by offering simple promotions such as discounts or free items. Once you have established this base, you can consider other ways to improve your visibility such as through content marketing on a blog or pay per click (PPC) advertisements to promote specific products.

  4. After-sales anticipation

    Top 10 Tips Online Shop - 4 After Sales
    Choose only reputable suppliers with good customer service and local representation. Don’t forget to define your own after-sales procedures; be ready for complaints or product returns and make the process as smooth as possible. Remember that satisfied and happy customers will return as repeat customers for your online shop.

  5. Inventory: to stock or not to stock

    Top 10 Tips Online Shop - 5 Inventory.jpg
    Next item to consider is inventory, including the volume of stock that is needed, how long you have until your stock expires in terms of sell by date or becomes obsolete, and also your supplier selection. Even if you are selling services, your supplies inventory is still important to plan and keep track of.

  6. User friendly and cost effective payment options

    Top 10 Tips Online Shop - 6 Payment
    Bank transfer and cash on delivery will be the most convenient payment option for most online shop customer in Indonesia. Prepare accounts from at least three of Indonesia’s top banks as customers will look for their bank for the payment transfer. As your online shop grows, consider integrating payment gateways, such as Doku or FinPay, while keeping transaction costs in mind for your bottom line.

  7. Attention Grabbing Pictures

    Top 10 Tips Online Shop - 7 Photography
    Choose the best images from the product’s vendor. If you make your own products; go ahead and snap some product pictures, paying close attention to angles and lighting for optimum visual impact. Hiring a freelance photographer can get you professional looking product photos, especially if you’re not confident with your own photo-snapping skills. Also enrich the content with some video showing how to use your products to gain even more traction.

  8. Differentiate yourself to grab customer attention

    Top 10 Tips Online Shop - 8 Differentiate
    Do this by being unique or offering something new through your online shop. Even if you sell an entirely new product, it can easily disappear under the radar if it does not stand out. Consider emphasising certain elements of your visual identity for your online shop and brand, e.g. colour schemes, text font style, and logo.

  9. Choose a suitable ecommerce platform

    Top 10 Tips Online Shop - 9 Platforms
    For starters, establishing social media pages such as in Facebook or Instagram, and seller accounts in e-commerce platforms such as Tokopedia or Bukapalak will suffice. As your online shop grows, consider transitioning to a website, even as simple as a blog with shopping cart, for increased freedom in customisation and customer engagement.

  10. Choosing the Right Courier and Delivery Service Provider

    Top 10 Tips Online Shop - 10 Courier JET express
    Courier and delivery services will be the ’client facing‘ part of your online shop, and will define a large portion of the customer experience. It is thus important to choose a reliable courier company capable of fast and accurate delivery. JET express is one such courier company, committed to offering complete reliability through the implementation of the latest technology, such as its mobile app and cloud-based package tracking. Furthermore, JET express can help you facilitate returned items, support Cash on Delivery (COD) payment, conduct dropship delivery, and offers the API integration of the JET express tracking dashboard directly into your online shop.

If you are thinking about establishing your own online shop, make sure that you consider and prepare these 10 key points. Moreover, selecting the right courier and delivery company is one of the most important elements of success, as a customer’s interaction with a courier during product delivery will be the defining stage that shapes their image of your online shop and determines whether they will be loyal, satisfied and repeat customers.

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