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Estabished in 2015, JET express is the pioneer in technology driven courier and delivery services across Indonesia. Providing online and mobile app based pick ups, package tracking and SMS notification on delivery.

Easy Ways to Improve Online Shop's Reviews & Get More Customers Today

Store and product reviews from customers are central to improving your online shop’s reputation and popularity in Indonesia. However, making customers happy and getting them to leave positive reviews for you is not always easy. So how can you make sure that your satisfied customers feel more inclined to leave you a 5-star rating? Read on for our guide to better ratings and increased customer reviews.

Covering the basics

Before asking for any customer reviews, make sure that your online store has the basics covered for answering customer queries and best practices in place:

  1. Do not give reasons to leave negative reviews! Make sure that your products are tried and tested with no misleading descriptions or images.
  2. Set up an FAQ section for your online shop: Remember that these FAQs need to cover your store’s product returns policy, delivery timings, and other technical aspects of orders and payments, to be able to answer user questions when you are not available to answer directly.
  3. Set up a live chat service through your e-commerce platform or through Facebook chat to be able to provide instant answers to questions, queries or in the event that there is a complaint. Remember a well-handled complaint can be turned into a positive review!
  4. Use the right courier service: Make sure the courier service that your store uses has online package tracking and SMS notification features, This will give your customers peace of mind for when their package is going to arrive. Using the right courier service will minimise the risk of customer disappointment from delayed or missed deliveries.
  5. Make your store’s review platform stand out: Remember to make it easy for your customers to leave reviews. Put the product review column in a visible spot on each product page, and its expanded version below the product description.

 Easy Ways to Improve Your Online Shop's Reviews & Get More Customers Today

Now that your online store is set up for receiving reviews, how can you encourage customers to leave you positive reviews? Sign up for our e-guide to find out more.

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March 28, 2018