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About JET express

Estabished in 2015, JET express is the pioneer in technology driven courier and delivery services across Indonesia. Providing online and mobile app based pick ups, package tracking and SMS notification on delivery.

How JET express is Helping Indonesian Entrepreneurs Through Reliable Logistics

When establishing your online store or business in Indonesia, it is important to develop strategies that build and improve customer loyalty, since they translate to repeat purchases and revenues. Furthermore, the growth of digital commerce in Indonesia creates new touchpoints to engage with customers throughout your online store’s supply chain, such as giving the opportunity to rate the service.

As part of the supply chain process, shipping and logistics are a deciding factor in the Indonesian online shopping experience. Remember that your customers do not see a distinction between the courier delivering their package and the company they purchased it from; to them this is all part of the same purchasing experience. Read on and learn how choosing JET express can be the ideal partner for your brand and how it can play a key role in your customers’ satisfaction.

Broad Franchise Network

Since our establishment in 2015, we have expanded our franchise network to over 700 outlets throughout Indonesia. These are strategically located across the country’s most populated islands and are present even in underserved areas such as in Turen District in Malang, East Java or in Binjai in North Sumatra. Our vast network also means we now handle more than 50,000 packages monthly and our cost-effective package delivery tariffs provide you with the best deal without having to sacrifice on quality.

Through our distribution channels, your business can expand to untapped markets in Indonesia, leading to new revenue streams and increased customer trust.

Utilizing New Technology

We are committed to utilizing technology to make your life simpler, and in return, making the life of your customers simpler. The rapid rise in the use of online and mobile technology has underpinned the modernization of Indonesia’s courier delivery sector, resulting in consumers insisting on receiving updates at every stage of the logistics journey. At JET express, we can cater to such demands and provide you with the feeling of ease that your package is secure.

What are the types of technology that we use?

1. Cloud-based package tracking

Using our ‘Geolocation’ feature on our website, you can insert your Waybill number — given to you when you send a package — and see the time and location of where your package departed from and the time and location of its destination. Furthermore, this system will also allow you to submit any complaints or suggestions for improvements about our package delivery services.

2. The JET express App

Our mobile app provides multiple pick-up options and also allows you to check tariffs, and waybill tracking. Going forward, we will be launching a new app which will enhance our services and provide you with greater convenience for your courier delivery needs. 

The Same Day Delivery Service

You can use our same day delivery service (XPS) for those time-sensitive items to get your packages to their destination on the same day. If you are sending items to the cities of Denpasar, Jakarta, Solo, Medan, and Surabaya, our drivers have in-depth knowledge of the backstreets and shortcuts in these built up cities to provide you with a service that is hassle-free.

Choosing XPS, you only need to pay in increments of 3kg of item weight, making our service one of the most cheaply priced in Indonesia. Moreover, this will enable you to send much larger items at a flat fee which is not offered by other courier providers.

As a business owner, this service ideal for you to maintain trust with your customers as they will receive their items quickly. This can positively impact your company’s logistics costs and enable you to focus on more important aspects of your core business activities.  

Competitively Priced

Despite being a relatively new player in this sector, we provide one of the most cost-effective tariffs in the industry, notably cheaper than some of our more established competitors. Our cheap tariffs, however, does not mean we sacrifice on service quality, as evident from our many satisfied customers and our increasing volumes of packages being delivered monthly.

By utilizing our services, we can guarantee:

- Our company is supported by mobile and online technology

- Cloud-based package tracking infrastructure

- Fast pick-up service, meaning you do not have to travel to our outlets

An efficient customer service system that deals with your problems quickly. You can use our live chat feature on our website or, call our hotline on 1500-538, or send us an email at We treat every delivery as if they were our own.

Let Us Contribute to Your Growth Story

Choose JET express and let us contribute to your online business’ growth story. Experience the difference in using a courier service that is driven by reliable technology and innovation, providing you access to customers far-flung regions of Indonesia. As we take on the customer facing role of you brand, our professional service aims to be as memorable as possible; building lasting brand affinity and customer loyalty.

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