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Estabished in 2015, JET express is the pioneer in technology driven courier and delivery services across Indonesia. Providing online and mobile app based pick ups, package tracking and SMS notification on delivery.

How to Compete with Indonesia’s E-commerce Giants as an Online Shop

Starting an online shop in Indonesia is a great way to begin earning some extra income or indeed as a full-time job. It is easy to get started; you can begin selling your products through Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and other social media platforms as well as using e-commerce marketplaces and your own website. However, as Indonesia’s e-commerce sector becomes more competitive, your online shop needs to be able to stand out against competition from other online stores as well as the growing strength of Indonesia’s biggest e-commerce players. So how do you compete? Well the short answer is that rather than trying to go head to head, you need to find a way to co-exist with Indonesia’s e-commerce behemoths and identify your niche through offering a personalized service that your customers will not find elsewhere.

Delivery Speed

Indonesian online consumers now expect to receive their online purchases quickly which in big cities like Jakarta or Surabaya means the same day, so be sure to offer this option to match what big online stores can provide. For more budget conscious customers, they expect to be able to choose from several courier service options and to select based on the delivery speed and price range that they want. That means that your online store needs to offer courier delivery options that suit your customers by selecting a courier delivery partner with a variety of service types, a proven reputation in reliability and real time tracking to maintain customer trust.

Price & Positioning

When it comes to pricing your products, you will find it very difficult if you try to undercut the prices of the big players. These companies can order in bulk quantities and push down costs across the entire supply chain. Therefore, trying to compete solely on price is likely to be a lost battle. Therefore, you need to think more about the positioning of your product and the customers you are trying to sell to. If you are selling a low-cost item or FMCG, this will be targeted at customers that like a good deal. Try product bundling or offers of discounts on other products within the same product category to entice this type of buyer. At the other end of the spectrum, when it comes to buying luxury items Indonesian online customers expect an experience that reflects what they are paying for. That means creating a brand and online customer experience that feels personalized through your website or online store and continues until they receive their product through attractive luxury packaging and priority courier delivery.

Customer Service Quality

Indonesian customers have a lot of options when it comes to who they want to make their online purchases with. Research has shown that the number one reason that online customers stop shopping with a particular shop is if they do not feel cared about. That is good news for independent online store owners as good customer service that treats each purchaser as an individual is where smaller stores can excel. This can take many forms, but quick reactivity is definitely top of the list. Provide your customers with an online chat feature that is responded to quickly and offers template responses to the most common questions. You can also provide a direct line Whatsapp number that customers can contact for enquiries so that they feel they are dealing with a person rather than a computer system.

Think About Little Extras

Standing out from your competitors and enticing customers to your online store means thinking about little extras that make the online shopping experience feel memorable and personalized. This means including freebies, discount codes or product samples with each purchase order depending on what suits your customer base. To make it truly personalized, use an online sales tracking software that individually logs the purchase history of each customer and try to include freebies or offer discounts based on their specific purchase or browsing history in your online store.

Be Socially Responsible

Indonesia’s e-commerce space has numerous established e-commerce giants that have the backing of major retail brands and international companies and thus large advertising and marketing budgets. Therefore, you must think about how you can set your online store apart by being socially responsible and allowing your online customers to participate. One idea is providing the option to make a small donation to a charity, local cause or disaster relief fund with every purchase or at specific times of the year such as before or during Ramadan. You can also try to only work with socially responsible suppliers or choose to only sell locally made products to support the Indonesian economy. All these options set your online shop apart from other e-commerce players while making your customers feel good about purchasing from you.

JET express understands that Indonesia’s e-commerce sector is competitive and therefore offers a range of package delivery options and service features that will make your online store stand out. This includes real time tracking, same day delivery options and outlets across the entire of Indonesia. Try our courier delivery service and we guarantee that you and your online customer will see the difference.

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