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How to Create Video Content for your Online Shop in Indonesia

Indonesian online shoppers are big business; they tend to be young (15-35 years old), accessing your online store from their smartphone and make online purchases frequently (59% do so on a weekly basis). Google had undertaken research on Indonesian online consumers and found that their buying decisions are subject to a variety of ‘micro-moments’ that influence their decision to engage with a brand or not, with video marketing playing a decisive role at these crucial stages.

Online video has a strong influence on Indonesian customers’ shopping behaviour, especially in their ‘I-want-to-know’ and ‘I-want-to-do’ moments. The research showed that 45% of Indonesian smartphone users discover new brands via online video, and 79% of those polled said that they would purchase from a company that provides instructional video content. So how can you create video content and video tutorials to get more customers for your online shop?

1. Create Relevant Content for your Audience

If you are going to invest time in making video content for your online shop in Indonesia, then you need to know what your audience are interested in and create content around that in a way that relates back to your products. Think about your audience – who are they? What kind of video content would grab their attention? Should it be informative and serious or playful and funny? Here are some potential formats to think about using:

  • Video Tutorial – how to use a specific product
  • Product Review Video – a real review of a product in your online store
  • Video Interview – an interview with yourself on your motivations behind your online store
  • Customer Testimonials – a real customer review of your online store
  • Animated Video – animated videos can be very useful for explaining complex information such as how to set up an electronic gadget
  • Behind the Scenes Video – take your potential customers behind the scenes of your business or one of your suppliers

Keep in mind that more than 80% of smartphone users say they are more inclined to buy from a brand that helps them find answers easily. Think about the kinds of questions that your customers ask and create videos that answer that need.

2. Set the scene

Your video content or video tutorial needs to look sharp and professional otherwise your potential customers will skip through it or worse, it may damage your brand image irreparably. Be sure to follow this checklist when setting up your video content shoot:

  • Write a script – know what you want to say and what you want to be covered in this video then write a script and revise it.
  • Create a storyboard – storyboards allow you to create the ordering of the scenes for your video and move things around to get the right flow before you move onto editing and to know what scenes might be missing.
  • Be sure to have
    • Good lighting
    • A good quality camera & tripod
    • A microphone for capturing audio
  • Select your shooting location/s – make sure that you have exclusive access to all the locations that you need and take some test shots to ensure that the background translates well on camera.

3. Choose the right software

Luckily for all you budding directors out there, the web now offers a variety of solutions for video making and editing software for your video content or tutorial. Depending on your budget and your level of technical knowledge, you can invest in top of the range software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, but you also have a variety of free and more cost-effective options available to you. Adobe Spark and Clipchamp are examples of free software that you can use to create custom video that are easy to use.

Use video editing software to create video introductions and smooth transitions between scenes as well as to adjust the volume, the video’s length etc.

4. Publish in the right places and be seen

Now you have created a professional looking video to promote to your online shop’s potential customer base, the final step is to make sure that it is viewed. YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are two of the most popular mediums for viewing videos by Indonesians; 92% of Indonesian smartphone users watch YouTube once a week according to Google research.

Set up a YouTube channel for your online store and be sure to give your videos easily searchable titles and tagged keywords as well as a concise video description and select relevant subject categories. You may also want to think about investing in Google advertising to promote your YouTube channel or Facebook advertising to get your video content seen on your potential customers’ timelines. Use the targeted features to really pinpoint your customers by age range, behaviour and location.

Once your customers come flooding in through your captivating online video content, JET Express is at your service to provide reliable and cost-effective courier delivery services across Indonesia. You can easily integrate your online store with our API for requesting pickups of your packages and provide online tracking for your customers.

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