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Estabished in 2015, JET express is the pioneer in technology driven courier and delivery services across Indonesia. Providing online and mobile app based pick ups, package tracking and SMS notification on delivery.

How to Find the Fastest and Cheapest Delivery Tariff for Your Package in Indonesia

After the Eid holidays and taking advantage of the sales as well as buying gifts for family and friends, you may find that your wallet is a bit lighter than usual. That means that when sending your next package for delivery, you need to find the cheapest delivery tariff available. With so many courier delivery companies in Indonesia, it can be easy to get lost when looking for the cheapest tariff so here are some tips for getting you the best deal.

Weights and Dimensions

A key element in determining the cost of sending your package by courier delivery is the weight and dimensions of the package itself. Therefore, using a weighing scale and a ruler, note down this information. Be aware that the heavier the item, the higher the delivery cost but also a very light item that is of large dimensions that does not fit into a standard issue courier box will also be more expensive to send. If you are sending a large item, try to see what can be done to reduce its dimensions to the most compact possible such as by dismantling any joints and making it lie flat. If you are sending a very heavy item that is small, look out for offers from courier providers that offer to deliver your package of any weight for a flat fee provided that it fits into their courier boxes that tend to accommodate 2kg, 4kg and 12kg and up.

Packaging Materials

Using recycled packaging materials from a previous package that you received such as for stiff or padded envelopes and bubble wrap is a great way to save money on your package delivery costs. Try to keep a store of delivery materials that you have received from previous packages rather than having to go any buy new materials. Using a lot of protective packaging can bulk out the dimensions and weight of the package and make the cost of sending your delivery more expensive so think carefully about how much padding your item needs to arrive safely at its destination.

Delivery Time

Does your package need to arrive at its destination urgently such as on the same day or within 24 hours? Or, if it is not urgent can it wait a few days? If your package is not urgent then your can find cheap package delivery offers for using standard delivery services and very often you will find that your package arrives quicker than expected if you are using a reputable company. Planning your package delivery timing in advance means that you can avoid needing to use express delivery options. However, should you need the package to arrive as soon as possible, be sure to compare quotes carefully as some courier companies are more competitive on certain routes such as from Jakarta to Surabaya or between other secondary cities in Indonesia.

Look for Promotions

Shopping around to find the best deal always pays off when it comes to finding the cheapest delivery tariff for your package. During certain times of the year such as holidays or corporate anniversaries and events, courier delivery companies offer special deals to entice new customers such as discounts or free delivery to try their service. When downloading a courier company’s app for the first time for example, they may offer you a discount coupon or go into a courier outlet and ask what they have on offer.

Use a Comparison Website

Keep in mind that the most popular courier provider in Indonesia may not offer the cheapest tariff for your package. When looking for the cheapest delivery tariff, you need to compare them side by side. Most courier providers in Indonesia have websites where you can get an estimate for the package delivery costs by inputting the weight, location of the pickup and recipient address as well as desired arrived time. However, you can also get side by side comparisons of multiple courier providers by using a comparison website such as and which will display the estimated delivery tariffs of the main providers only. Be aware that there is a lot of competition out there so it pays to look beyond the bigger brands to smaller and more recently established courier companies that can offer cheaper delivery tariffs through better technology and processes.

JET express offers highly competitive package delivery rates with real time tracking across Indonesia. Being a technology driven courier delivery company means that JET express can provide cheap package delivery rates without compromising on the quality of service. Contact us to find out more or click here to get an estimate for your package delivery.

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