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Estabished in 2015, JET express is the pioneer in technology driven courier and delivery services across Indonesia. Providing online and mobile app based pick ups, package tracking and SMS notification on delivery.

How to Make Your Online Store Stand Out in Indonesia’s E-commerce Marketplaces

Selling your products through an online marketplace in Indonesia is one of the best ways to reach millions of online customers. Indonesia now has numerous e-commerce marketplaces available such as Lazada, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Blibli, Elevenia and Bhinneka. Online marketplaces have become the most popular way for Indonesian consumers to buy online with the top 6 websites receiving 10 million visitors per month. That is good news for online store owners looking to reach new customers without having to invest heavily in their own website and marketing, but it also brings you head to head with your competition. That means that to succeed as an online store and sell through an e-commerce marketplace in Indonesia, you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

Use Good Photography & Videos

The saying goes that a picture says a thousand words and this advice could not be more valuable when it comes to online selling. Professional looking photography of your product range is vitally important to show your products in the best possible light and to make them visually appealing to your customers. Good photography is also important for engaging customers through social media with channels such as Instagram being completely visually focused. Read more from a Samsung sponsored professional photographer on how to achieve the best photographs for your online shop through choosing the right composition and lighting.

In addition to photography, using video is also a great way to stand out from the competition in Indonesia’s online marketplaces. Professional looking video tutorials on how to use your products and promote your online shop are becoming an increasingly important medium for customer engagement; 45% of Indonesian smartphone users discover new brands via online video, and 79% say they’re willing to buy from a company that provides instructional video content according to Google’s research.

Choose product titles and search terms carefully

Indonesian online marketplaces are awash with online stores selling the same products, that means that you need to make sure that your online store always gets seen by the right customers. For each product you offer in your online shop, have a think about the most common keywords that are used both formally as well as colloquially in every day language both in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Also, consider keywords associated with the product or other items that are used in conjunction with the product that you are selling so that you can also take advantage of searches being made on products that you do not necessarily sell in your online store.

Select the Right Marketplace for You

With many online marketplaces to choose from, you need to make sure that you are present on the top websites, but also that you focus your efforts on the marketplaces that are most suited to your target audience and product categories.

For example, Bhinneka is mainly focused on electronics and gadgets while Berrybenka and Zalora are for beauty and fashion related products. Different websites also attract slightly different demographics so keep in mind your target audience for your products. Furthermore, you must consider the commission structures on offer on each marketplace to see what works best for your online store. Most online marketplaces in Indonesia charge a seller commission of 3-15% while Zalora charges 20-30% (EMAG).

Offer Competitive Courier Delivery Options

A key deciding factor in choosing to order from your online store over your competitors is how quickly and cheaply a customer can receive your products. For fashion items and electronics, Indonesian customers in Jakarta and secondary cities are becoming more accustomed to receiving their orders through same day or next day delivery. That means that you need to select your courier delivery options carefully to offer cost competitive package delivery as well as offer options for same day delivery services, if applicable. Be sure to select a trusted and reliable courier service with online tracking as this last step of the customer journey is crucial to building trust in your online store and becoming a repeat customer. Read more about selecting the right shipping and delivery policy for your online store in Indonesia.

JET Express offers a variety of courier delivery options including a same day delivery service as well as shipping across Indonesia and international delivery. Your online shop’s customers can enjoy peace of mind in being able to track their package online in real time.

Get reviews & Build Trust as a Seller

With so many online stores and retailers available and new ones being added every day, you need to demonstrate that you are a trustworthy seller to beat out your competition. Getting your previous customers to leave positive reviews is not always easy so read our top tips for encouraging reviews on your online shop.

Remember that if you receive a negative review, it is important to respond to it and try to make the customer happy if possible, such as through a discount coupon or replacement product. A negative review without any follow up action can be harmful to your online shop’s reputation whereas taking action to remedy the situation can turn a negative review into a repeat customer.

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