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Estabished in 2015, JET express is the pioneer in technology driven courier and delivery services across Indonesia. Providing online and mobile app based pick ups, package tracking and SMS notification on delivery.

Revolutionizing Courier Delivery Services in Indonesia Through New Technology

Technology has no doubt revolutionized and contributed to the immense growth of Indonesian and global businesses in the last 15 years. The impact of technology on the courier industry has been profound with courier companies finding that the use of information technology can be an essential part of the delivery process; reducing costs. Furthermore, with the rise of online services, customers have become more insistent in wanting their goods faster and receiving updates at every step of the logistics journey. This has meant that couriers and local delivery services have needed to be more flexible and leaner to cater to such demands, balancing the need to provide cheap tariffs whilst also tapping into new delivery markets.

The rapid spread of the use of online and mobile technology throughout Indonesia has underpinned the modernization of the country’s courier industry. JET express is courier company that is committed to utilizing technology to make your life simpler; no more having to get stuck in traffic and providing you the feeling of ease that your package is secure.

So, what types of technology does JET express use?

JET express mobile app

JET express has had a mobile app since its inception. The service is regularly updated by the company to quickly respond to evolving customer needs.

The app provides multiple pick-up options:

Regular pick-up — Filling a simple form on the app related to information on the sender, recipient, and the delivery items. Take a photo of the items to be picked up and the courier will arrive to the destination.

Pick-up through Scan or QR code — This feature enables you to create your own QR code through the JET express website ( Once these are printed, you can attach these to the appropriate packages and scan the QR code. This will create a pick-up request for the item.
Quick Pick-up — Through this feature, you only need to input the pick-up address and destination address.

Cloud-based Technology for Package Tracking


JET express provides cloud-based tracking capabilities through its Geolocation feature. Upon sending a package through the company, you will receive a unique Waybill number, this can then be inserted in the ‘tracking shipment’ section of the JET express website.

Once the number is inserted, a real-time updated should appear which notifies you of the time and location of where your package departed from and the time and location of its destination — a pin drop will appear beside the location of where the packet has been delivered to. The system also allows you to write to JET express to suggest improvements or complaints regarding the service.

Cloud-based tracking entails many benefits for both customers and the courier company. Customers have easy access to information regarding their packets with the information available only a click away on their mobile phones. For companies such as JET express, cloud-based tracking facilitates synchronized integration with online shops, e-commerce platforms, as well as avoiding lost packages.

What about the technology of the future?

In an extremely competitive market, courier companies are increasingly investing in new technology that can reduce costs as well as benefit consumers from lower tariffs. So what are the trends being adopted by companies in this industry and their potential in Indonesia?

Cloud-based tracking

Cloud-based tracking will continue to become more advanced and efficient, especially for couriers who have to overcome the limitations of ‘legacy’ infrastructure which are often the biggest obstacles when it comes to developing new models to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and quality. By tracking a package and its progress, courier companies can identify areas of improvement in the process and thus ensure greater customer satisfaction. In the long-term, this will result in enhanced customer loyalty, cheaper tariffs as well as lowering operational costs.
Furthermore, package-tracking software applications are not expensive and because of cloud-based computing, couriers and their customers can install them often for free, providing better convenience and lowering costs.

Smart Lockers

This unique initiative has already taken off in Indonesia. This simple system firstly records the package to be delivered before it is stored in a secure locker until the receiver arrives to retrieve it using a special pin assigned to that specific location of the locker. The locker location itself is only known to the receiver.
Smart lockers present a new market for Indonesian courier companies. Smart locker providers can be used as the recipient which solves many constraints experienced by couriers when delivering packages through conventional means. This includes wrong addresses, the recipient not being available at the written address, or highly sensitive items getting lost. Also, as everything is handled electronically, this service allows for the receiver to pick-up their packages at any time. Moreover, since it requires less man power to function, labour costs are effectively reduced and the system is more efficient and less prone to human error.

Managing delivery routes

Courier companies can now invest and benefit from route optimization software to improve efficiency and delivery times. This system is ideal for when drivers have multiple deliveries or face unexpected traffic; critical for customers in the food delivery business. Additionally, many route optimization software already incorporates standard reporting tools, enabling you to monitor your drivers.
The route optimization software can streamline courier companies’ business processes and with increasingly accurate algorithms, dispatchers can dynamically adjust routes, loads and schedules to create a truly advanced end-to-end delivery platform.

Unmanned delivery

Drone deliveries could be faster and possibly cheaper than existing methods with companies such as Amazon and UPS already investing heavily into developing flying robots to make deliveries. Despite the regulatory hurdles and the complex logistics involved, the potential for drone delivery is too far-reaching to ignore. For instance, even commercial drones have the capacity to travel at 100mph (160km/h) and can carry up to 2kg in weight.

This means that faster shipments could mean higher revenues especially as, according to McKinsey & Company, some 80% of all abandoned carts online are due to expensive shipping costs. Currently however, drone deliveries are not cheap enough to compete with conventional delivery methods. This could mean that drone deliveries could begin with more niche applications such as delivering components to remote work sites before becoming more mainstream and used for same day courier delivery services.

Stay Tuned

JET Express remains at the forefront of courier delivery technology in Indonesia and we are constantly looking at new ways to improve our customer experience as well as cost competitiveness of our courier delivery services. Stay tuned to see what we introduce next!

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