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About JET express

Estabished in 2015, JET express is the pioneer in technology driven courier and delivery services across Indonesia. Providing online and mobile app based pick ups, package tracking and SMS notification on delivery.

The JET express Geolocation Feature

Losing a package whilst in transit can be an annoyance, and critical to those business owners who rely on courier services. When choosing JET express, the company not only provides reliable shipping options, but also real-time tracking capabilities through its ‘Geolocation’ feature. As such, having reliable and real-time package tracking therefore assures that your consignment is always accounted for, providing you the peace of mind that your package can be checked during its journey, and that any issues can be solved quickly.

Read on and discover how the system can benefit you.

How does Geolocation work?

Upon sending an item through JET express, the company will provide you with a Waybill number. This number can then be inserted in the ‘Tracking Shipment’ section of the JET express website.

Once the number is inserted, a real-time update should appear on the screen. The driver will continuously update the system and notify you of the time and location of where the outlet the package has departed from, and the time and location of the outlet or address it was received. If the package requires multiple transit, the screen will show you the last port of call or outlet your package has transited.    

Once the item has arrived at its destination, the driver will take an e-signature from the receiver, which can also be viewed through the online portal and direct to your PC or mobile phone. Furthermore, a pin drop will appear beside the location of where the package has been delivered to, if clicked on, Google Maps should open showing you the destination. If there was a problem with the delivery, the driver will notify this on the system and the reasons for the delivery failure. The customer can then contact JET express via phone or the chat feature on the website.

Furthermore, the system can also allow you to write to JET express regarding on ways to improve its service and also to report any problems you may have with the delivery driver.

How real-time tracking can help you

Don’t lose track of your important orders and encounter distribution or logistic problems by choosing a courier provider that does not provide real-time tracking. Also, if you are a business owner, if your package is lost or misplaced, often the damage done to your customers can be beyond repair, losing trust in your business.

Companies such as JET express are utilizing real-time data from its tracking system to seamlessly monitor every individual delivery, keep customers updated, and reduce the burden on its customer support, so that you can find the feeling of ease that your package is secure.

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