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About JET express

Estabished in 2015, JET express is the pioneer in technology driven courier and delivery services across Indonesia. Providing online and mobile app based pick ups, package tracking and SMS notification on delivery.

The New JET express Same Day Delivery Service

JET express has just recently launched its same day delivery service (XPS) for selected cities across Indonesia. If you have that time-sensitive item that needs to be delivered, JET express will utilize its vast armada of cars and motorbikes to get your item to its destination, on the same day. Read more about the service!

How the Service Works

XPS can be accessed via:

  • The JET express website,
  • Calling the customer service number (1500-538),
  • Email
  • Visit an outlet.

Currently, our same day delivery service is available in the following cities with their cut off collection times, with many more cities coming soon:

Jet express same day service times

Jet’s same day courier delivery service is currently available only for inner-city use, making it ideal for a gridlocked metropolis like Jakarta. Furthermore, if you do miss the cut-off time, your package will be sent out first thing the next day for delivery on the same day. Choosing XPS, you only need to pay in increments of 3kg of item weight, enabling you to enjoy the freedom to send any large sized items for a flat and reasonable fee - a service that other players simply do not provide. We are committed to providing you with a low-cost door-to-door same day delivery service that is convenient and reliable.

Jet express Same Day Delivery Service

At JET express, we know about the specific challenges in getting a same day delivery done in Indonesia’s bustling cities. From winding streets to dense urban areas, the company’s same day couriers possess in-depth knowledge of the cities and streets that they are assigned to which means no delays to your package delivery. Moreover, our couriers are also well-adept in using our up to the minute cloud-based network for package delivery information, giving you a same day delivery service that is ‘hassle-free’ as well as transparent.

For those of you who are business owners, our same day delivery service is ideal for helping you create and maintain trust with your customers as they will receive their orders quickly. Using our same day courier service can therefore positively impact your company’s productivity in addition to efficiently manage logistic costs; allowing you to focus on the core of your business.

Making Deliveries Easier

The new same day delivery service from JET express is aimed at making your life or business simpler. As a country in which SMEs are the backbone of the country’s economy, Indonesian based businesses need a courier service that understands their intricate supply chains in addition to supporting them to remain competitive and succeed in Indonesia’s competitive business climate where customer trust and reputation is everything.

Learn more about JET express’s same day courier delivery service and how it can help you today.

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