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Top 5 Ideas for Generating a Second Income in Indonesia

Reaching the point of financial security is a complex process that takes time, effort, and sacrifices. Building a second income or multiple streams of income can be the major catalyst for you to achieve your financial goals whether for retirement or education or even for long-term financial security.

So how do you create alternative income streams? Continue reading our top 5 tips on how you could be earning more money today.

  1. Opening a Courier Franchise

Opening your own courier franchise is an effective way to earn money in Indonesia. Often requiring low initial investment, the country’s courier and delivery industry has been consistently registering double-digit growth over the last several years, partly attributed to the rise of the e-commerce sector.

Select an already established courier franchisor as people want to use a brand name that they can trust as starting a franchise as opposed to establishing an independent company will give your business the familiarity that customers are looking for.

Aside from the original investment fee, outlet renovations, tax, equipment, commissions and rent, are just a few aspects that you would need to consider.

If your business is not in a place that will attract customers, then it will not succeed. Often, the franchisor will reserve the right to approve your potential outlet location so choose a location that has convenient accessibility for motorbikes, cars, as well as to public transportation.

If you are successful, a courier business is highly scalable, and you can thus expand to other territories. As such, with more Indonesian SMEs continuing to enter the online platform, starting a courier franchise is the ideal business opportunity to help you achieve your second income. 

  1. Starting an Online Store

The internet has revolutionized everything we do, and, as such, can also provide you with the tools to earn a second income in Indonesia. As one of the fastest growing industry in one of the world’s fastest growing markets, your online business is well-positioned to boom as the number of internet users in the country continue to rise.

Start by identifying your market and where you can meet existing demand for a product or service.  Initially you can promote your online store via social media platforms as well as establish yourself on popular e-commerce sites such as Tokopedia or Bukalapak. As your business grows, you can transition into your own website and improve your visibility through PPC advertisements or a blog.

Make sure you collaborate with a trusted courier partner as they will define a major part of your customer’s experience. Choose a courier company that offers complete reliability such as through utilizing the latest in tracking technology and security.

Remember to decide if you are going to keep stock of your products or utilize dropship services provided by your courier partner. Also, do not forget to provide convenient payment options such as for online banking.

Online businesses have the advantage of time as they can be conducted any hour of the day throughout the year and enable you to increase your sales with minimum costs; boosting your second income. 

  1. Warehousing/Storage

Warehousing and storage facilities have traditionally always been part of the supply chains of Indonesian businesses. The outlook for this industry is anything but gloomy with some key sectors such as e-commerce and FMCG’s expanding at a rapid rate in Indonesia; pointing towards increasing demand for warehousing facilities and an opportunity for you to attain a lucrative second income.

Many small businesses in the country do not have the necessary space to store their products. Therefore, this is an opportunity for you to either purchase or lease land and build your own warehouse or alternatively lease or buy one that is pre-built.

Understand potential niche markets for your warehousing business so that you can determine the type of storage facilities that you can provide for your customers. For example, choosing to work with companies in FMCG’s, apparels or pharmaceuticals, require different storage environments.

In addition to offering storage options, you can also offer shipping, packaging, and distribution services; becoming a well-rounded solutions provider for your customers.

With significant growth expected from major sectors of the economy, Indonesia is on its way to becoming a logistics hub for the region. As such, this is an enticing time for you to enter the warehousing market and start making a second income. 

  1. Become a Distributor

Becoming a distributor places your business between the manufacturer and end user. Moving products from manufacturer to market, this may be the right business for you to start earning your second income. The wholesale distribution industry requires a talent for negotiating and a sharp eye for spotting the next ‘hot’ item on the market.

As the ‘middleman’, you are an invaluable business partner to manufacturers who are eager to know what consumers are thinking, and to retailers who want information on the latest products. Therefore, undertake market research to know what products are underserved in your area and what are your potential customers’ needs.

Once you have defined your customer, cooperate with manufacturers that are proven to be profitable, durable, and reputable, so that they can provide you with the right support, training, and networking to help your business succeed.  

As a distributor, your reputation is dependent on your ability to deliver products to your retail network. Therefore, try to cooperate with a reliable courier and delivery company that is aware of the many challenges in delivering products in Indonesia. Another option would also be to establish a dropshipping service with the courier.

With careful planning and sound operational policies, manufacturers will have confidence in your business and know that their products will safely reach their customers. 

  1. Insurance Agent

With strong premium growth in recent years and a low penetration rate, Indonesia’s insurance sector has the foundations to undergo rapid expansion. Taking on the role as an insurance agent can offer you a higher earning second income as well as the chance to choose your own work environment.

Through this type of work, you can choose a job that suits your skills — whether its working for an insurance agency or as a self-employed agent — and what products you want to sell; life insurance, health, auto, home, among many others.

As insurance products become more complex, the roles of a sales agent have changed and are no longer just about providing information. It’s about being proactive in disclosure and helping consumers filter through the information to help identify their needs and provide solutions.

Given Indonesia’s expanding middle-class and GDP growth, there is growing awareness for insurance products. Look into growing segments such as Shariah-compliant insurance so that you broaden your knowledge and skills to effectively penetrate this lucrative industry.

 Ideas for Generating a Second Income in Indonesia

Understanding these top 5 tips will help you explore the potential avenues on how to attain a second income in Indonesia. Whether you are looking to start your own business, or work for an employer, take the steps for you to become financially independent. 

Generating a second income in Indonesia