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Estabished in 2015, JET express is the pioneer in technology driven courier and delivery services across Indonesia. Providing online and mobile app based pick ups, package tracking and SMS notification on delivery.

Top Tips for Creating a Successful Courier Franchise Outlet in Indonesia

Indonesia’s demand for courier delivery services and package delivery has been rocketing in line with the growth of online shopping as well as the increasing economic development of regions outside of Java. Starting your own courier franchise outlet is a great way to cash in on this trend and start making money from your own business or as a secondary income. However, with competition in Indonesia getting tighter, here are some top tips for guaranteeing the success of your courier franchise outlet.

Select the Right Location

Location, location, location – it is everything in the courier franchise business in Indonesia as you need to find that sweet spot between demand for package delivery and the area not being overly saturated with competition. It really pays to do your research before you invest in a courier franchise outlet. That means assessing the competition in the area and speaking to potential customers and local businesses about their package delivery needs. Are they satisfied with the service they are receiving? If not, then why not and what could your courier outlet do to address this; if yes then how could you tempt them to try your service? Think about price, seasonal promotions such as during Lebaran and offering greater convenience for package collection and tracking throughout Indonesia.

With Indonesia’s secondary and third tier cities on the rise, there are numerous opportunities for courier franchise outlets in underserved niches. Kalimantan and the Eastern Regions of Indonesia, such as Sulawesi and Maluku represent key opportunities for new courier delivery outlets and there is still room for growth in cities such as Surabaya and Denpasar.

Cultivate a Customer Network

Getting customers for your courier delivery franchise is by far the biggest challenge that new franchisees face when starting up. With plenty of courier delivery companies to choose from, you need to consider the key deciding factors for Indonesian customers which are price and convenience. That means that Indonesian customers generally are not firmly loyal to specific courier delivery brands and with the right promotions, they can be easily tempted to try your service.

This translates into the need to get the message out and to grow your network to build up your word of mouth marketing. Doing business in Indonesia is all about personal contact so go and visit local businesses in your area and introduce yourself and leave behind promotional materials such as flyers, attend local KADIN meetings, seek out coworking spaces and try other business networking events such as for online businesses and shops. Understand the needs of your local area and present to potential customers the personalised attention that you can offer for specific needs such as same day document delivery, online shopping delivery or commercial deliveries.

Go Above & Beyond

To stand out from the other courier franchise outlets, you need to go above and beyond in terms of customer service and delivery speed. That means providing all customers with a great experience when they engage with your courier franchise outlet with a warm welcome given by well trained staff and trying to provide those little extras such as free merchandise or discount coupons to encourage them to use your courier service again.

Delivering beyond expectations also means hiring the best human resource for your courier delivery services. With traffic jams being a regular occurrence not only in Jakarta but now increasingly in secondary cities, your courier franchise outlet needs courier delivery drivers that know the backstreets and shortcuts as well as knowing what streets to avoid and when to ensure that delivery slots are always met.

Encourage Customer Feedback

Customer feedback, whether good or bad is always valuable as it allows you to understand what your courier delivery franchise is doing right and what you could do better. A happy and satisfied customer should be encouraged and incentivised to share their experience through word of mouth marketing and social media. An unhappy customer needs to be handled carefully to avoid damaging your courier franchise’s reputation; if they leave a negative review, make sure that you respond to it and pledge to improve your processes. All feedback is useful so always ask customers for their opinion and feedback on your courier delivery service.

Select the Right Courier Franchise

Lastly, but most importantly, for all your entrepreneurial efforts to really pay off; you need to select the right courier franchise in Indonesia to work with. The competition in Indonesia’s courier service sector is getting more intense as the larger, more traditional players face increased competition from new start-ups that can offer a more technology driven, streamlined and cost-effective options for package delivery across Indonesia.

When selecting a courier franchise to work with, you have to consider the brand’s reputation, network throughout Indonesia and crucially what kind of support they offer their courier franchise outlets. Be sure to ask the right questions about the courier delivery franchise that you are thinking of working with and look for examples of successful franchise outlets as opposed to just their self-run branches.

JET express offers exciting opportunities for opening your own courier franchise outlet and to join our network of over 500 partners across Indonesia. Providing the latest technology for up to date tracking as well as ongoing franchise support, JET express is the ideal courier delivery brand to work with.

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