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Celebrate HUT RI By Sending Oleh-oleh to Loved Ones

Entering August 2017, Indonesia prepares to celebrate the country’s 72nd Independence Day, or HUT RI, on August 17th. As people increasingly celebrate the holiday by sending oleh-oleh of local speciality food to loved ones in urban areas, Indonesian courier services companies like JET express ensure that they are delivered fast and handled with extra care.

The New Way to Celebrate HUT RI

The 17th August holds a special place in the hearts of every proud Indonesian. It is the day and month when Indonesians rekindle their national pride and love for the country. As a national holiday, most people celebrate it with a quick getaway or family vacation. But sadly, family members and loved ones living in faraway places and prohibited by work or their studies may be not be able to join these festive gatherings.

Now people can actually send their love, literally, while celebrating HUT RI by sending local speciality foods from their hometowns as souvenirs, or oleh-oleh, to friends and family in urban or rural areas of Indonesia. With local foods oleh-oleh on their table, loved ones who are far from home can enjoy the nostalgia of their favourite foods and snacks as they spend their time off during the national holiday of HUT RI. For instance, 50% of Indonesian courier deliveries from Palembang to Jakarta and Surabaya during Eid al Fitr in 2017 were pempek deliveries. So, this HUT RI why not send oleh-oleh to friends and family missing the authentic taste of home?

Sending Indonesian Local Specialty Food as Oleh-oleh?

With Indonesia’s many diverse cultures from all corners of the archipelago, many people send various kinds of local speciality foods as oleh-oleh from hometowns to those in urban centres. For example, people from Yogyakarta can send authentic bakpia pathuk, Minang people can send the world famous rendang with the authentic Padang seasoning, while Medan natives can send bika ambon or the famous Pohon Pinang passion fruit syrup from Brastagi, to friends in Jakarta, Surabaya and beyond.


Such local delicacies are often homemade and produced with authentic methods without preservatives meaning that they have a short shelf life and need to be delivered as well as consumed quickly to avoid spoilage.

As people from various provinces flock to live in Indonesia’s commercial centres in search of jobs and education; express deliveries of local speciality foods to urban areas is on the increase, particularly during the holiday seasons.

Special Courier Services for Special Deliveries

Indonesian courier and delivery companies such as JET Express realize the fact that Indonesians are increasingly sending oleh-oleh local specialty foods is of increasing importance to their retail and commercial customers. This has led to the further development of priority deliveries and for some routes same-day and over-night delivery services which are useful when sending goods with a short shelf life to ensure that the quality is preserved on arrival to its destination and recipient. JET express package tracking capabilities are also critical to ensure the food spends the shortest time possible in transit hubs and that it is stored correctly.

When selecting an Indonesian courier services or delivery company for your special cargo, it is vital that you pick a reliable provider who prioritises on-time delivery and understands the importance of handling all packages with care to avoid compromising the quality of the contents. The chosen express delivery company use of robust packaging materials, providing sufficient warehousing space at transport hubs, operating across strong national network of branches and professionally trained staff who treat each package as their own is of the utmost importance.

If you are thinking of sending oleh-oleh this HUT RI, keep in mind how you package your food item to preserve its quality. Vacuum packing for wet goods such as rendang seals in all the wonderful aromas and using bubble wrap for liquid containers is also a good idea to avoid any breakage. If you are sending other items with it, be sure to not package together anything that could spoil your oleh-oleh such as cleaning products or medicines.

Rest Assured

With the availability of priority courier delivery services for delivering all types of oleh-oleh across the country, Indonesians can now really share their love with their friends, family and loved ones by sending them local speciality foods. As the upcoming 17th August holiday approaches, you can rest assured knowing that your oleh-oleh will arrive in time for the holidays and ready to be enjoyed.

Highly experienced in delivering oleh-oleh, JET express is the best in Indonesian courier services that ensures all our deliveries arrive on time and always handled with the utmost care to preserve the quality of the contents.

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