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Estabished in 2015, JET express is the pioneer in technology driven courier and delivery services across Indonesia. Providing online and mobile app based pick ups, package tracking and SMS notification on delivery.

Cloud-based Technology for Package Tracking at Indonesian Courier Companies

In the past, after submitting a package and receiving a tracking number, customers of Indonesian courier and delivery services companies could do little but hope and pray that their document or package arrived safe and sound to the designated address. Today, cloud-based technology is being utilised by pioneers such as JET express, and has transformed the courier industry by facilitating an up to the minute package tracking system for document and package delivery across Indonesia.

The Old and the New

The rapid spread in the use of online and mobile technology throughout Indonesia has underpinned the modernisation of package tracking by Indonesian courier companies that has long been a traditional and labour-intensive industry. Analogue tracking and the use of code based technology has seen the courier and delivery industry evolve by enabling immediate package registration into a centralised system so that customers can easily check their package status through a dedicated web portal.

More traditional Indonesian courier companies still face challenges in embracing this new cloud based technology due to their system legacy which creates barriers to data updates, infrastructure stability and scalability which make them slow to adapt and respond to evolving market demands. Moreover, investment to upgrade physical logistical infrastructure can be too expensive and would create too much downtime for many of Indonesia’s traditional courier and delivery companies to embark on.

Technology driven courier companies such as JET express are using cloud based package tracking to offer an enhanced customer experience and improved company performance. Not only does such technology allow for real time tracking of packages, but it also allows the company to easily identify areas of its operations requiring improvement for increased efficiency, improved service quality and above all, higher customer satisfaction.

So, What Is Cloud-based Package Tracking?

Put simply, cloud based package tracking is paired with location data, meaning that all the information regarding a document or package’s whereabouts are stored online through a server that can be accessed by all a courier’s outlets; anywhere at any time. Cloud based infrastructure is also more cost effective, and allows such savings to be passed on to customers.

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Tracking numbers and code scanning are still used; however through the cloud based system, document and package tracking can be done much faster as they are not dependent on a single localised system. Together, this means you can get more frequent updates on a package’s status as well as resulting in better accuracy in delivery schedules.

How Does Cloud Based Package Tracking Benefit Me?

Cloud-based real-time package tracking entails significant benefits, both for the courier company and its customers. For customers, it means easy access to information about their delivery from their computer of smartphone, better value delivery tariffs and the improvements in route planning make for faster and more accurate timing of deliveries.

For courier and delivery companies in Indonesia, real time information and package tracking facilitates synchronised integration with ecommerce platforms and online stores, as well as avoiding lost or damaged packages and, therefore, disappointed customers. In the event of a delayed delivery, customer service representatives are quickly able to identify the order in their courier delivery system and resolve a customer’s enquiry. Electronic proof of delivery such as through scans or signatures means no more leaving packages on the doorstep which often results in them being damaged, lost or stolen.

Reliability on when your document or package will arrive means that you can accurately plan for the arrival of that special birthday gift to friends or family, quickly get your hands on that latest must have gadget, or swiftly send food packages to loved ones who are missing their local makanan khas. For online store operators and SMEs, using a technology driven courier and delivery company allows you to keep promises of delivery dates to your customers and build a reputation for excellent customer service as you build your business.

Expect More

With faster and more detailed package tracking information, cloud based technology is changing the express courier and delivery industry in Indonesia and globally. Indonesian customers, wherever they are in the archipelago from the capital of Jakarta to Medan, Surabaya or Denpasar, should no longer settle for lost packages and delayed deliveries from their courier and delivery provider.

As a technology driven company from inception, JET express offers its customers world class standard courier services, with local knowledge and local prices.

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